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Merry Christmas 1.5kg Jar

Choose your own sweets from the list below and enter them into the box provided above. (Upto 10 Choices)

Beer Bottles Giant Strawberries
Gummy Cherry Lips Jelly Turtles
Gummy Dolphins Fizzy Apples
Fizzy Bears Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles
Fizzy Peaches Fizzy Watermelon Slices
Foam Bananas Foam Shrimps
Giant Fangs Giant FIzzy Fangs
Gummy Bears Gummy Cherries
Cola Bottles Fried Eggs
Strawberry Twist Kisses Haribo Rhubarb Custards
Jelly Rings Fizzy Cherries
Jelly Bones Meerkats
Pink Mushrooms Tongue Painters
Dolly Mixtures Fizzy Cola Bottles
Sour Dummies Jelly Brains
Jelly Sharks Fizzy Cherry Cola
Strawberry Milkshakes Jelly Snakes
Strawberry Pencils Wine Gums
Fizzy Chips Psycho Mice
Swirly Fish Fizzy Blue Babies
Santa Faces Fizzy Snakes
Frosty Trees Gummy Reindeers
Gingerbread Men Frosty Snowflakes
Frosty Candy Canes Red & Green Stripe Canes
Christmas Elves

The perfect gift for anybody who loves sweets, these jars are full to the brim of delicious pick and mix sweet that will keep you going for days... Perfect to wrap up and give as a tasty Christmas treat.

Not only are these jars the perfect gift idea, but they're also great to keep in the Christmas treat cupboard for Christmas night when we all want to pig out on something sweet after the amazing Christmas dinner.

Approx 1300-1500g of sweets inside

Our lovely jars will keep for atleast 6-9 months if left unopened and still taste amazing. Once they have been opened a few times we do recommend they're eaten within a few weeks for best flavour.

These jars are not suitable for anyone with food allergies.


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Merry Christmas 1.5kg (Choose Your Own Sweets) Jar

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